Best Part-Time Jobs in College


One of the things that make college experience interesting and unforgettable is meeting new people while supporting yourself.

Many college students get a part-time job in college to help with the costs associated with their education, get some extra spending money, or to learn some of the tricks of the trade in various professions.

According to CNBC, there are more college students working part-time than ever before.

There are many college students now who are in their early and mid-20s, and many of them want to earn their own money, get a job early, or minimize their student loans.

It’s always a great thing to have your own money to spend on school supplies (and booze, let’s admit it). So here is a list of the best jobs you can do while studying in college.



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Ah, the tutor – fodder for teen romance flicks. Many young people have been doing tutorial services since high school (usually for school credit, but cash is better).

As a tutor, you can charge per hour – and you can pick your clientele! Be it high school students needing to pass a subject or a fellow college student who doesn’t want to fail a course.

Tutoring is a viable part-time job. You can earn $10 – $15 an hour or higher for graduate college students.

Residence Advisors


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A Residence Advisor or RA might sound boring because you’ll have to be the most responsible adult in your dorm, but it’s got a lot of perks.

Aside from having an already amazing alumni network, Hampden-Sydney College offers certain benefits to their RAs:

  • Single room (no need to room with someone!)
  • A stipend for every semester based on RA experience (which can be around $600 per semester)
  • You are the Keeper of the Keys in your hall

Of course, there are responsibilities like making sure that no one trashes the rooms, that students don’t bring in strays (people and animals alike), or that nothing is stolen.

But it’s also a great time to exercise your leadership skills that can make your resume shine better during job hunting.

Party Mascot


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If you’ve got experience being your school’s mascot in high school and kicking ass while doing a cartwheel before a football game, then this job is for you. Except you won’t be doing it for a group of child-like adults – you’ll be doing it for actual children.

The pay can actually be as a high as $50 an hour, and it’s not as hard as you would think, particularly when you dress up as Cinderella for a group of young girls who will adore you!

Kid’s Party Factory employs anyone willing to work as a princess, Dora the Explorer, Santa Claus, and other characters for its clients. If you like working with kids or dressing up, this is the best job you can do.

Most parties are during the holidays or weekends, anyway, so you won’t be missing classes much. C’mon, haven’t you always wanted to be Spiderman for a day?

Teaching Assistants


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Many junior and senior students work as TAs. At the Northwestern University, Teaching Assistants work from 12 to 15 hours a week.

They grade papers, and sometimes help during lectures. It’s an opportunity that’s particularly helpful to those pursuing education courses or those who want to become college professors in the future.

Also, it’s a chance to network with other people in the academic world, and it’s a pretty great feeling to know you’re grading papers and reading essays by fellow college students. You can earn $10 an hour or more.

Research Assistants


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Research assistants support college faculty in doing their research projects. They do research work 5 hours a week, which isn’t bad, considering the opportunity to work alongside people who might discover the cure for cancer.

RAs get additional credits, so this job is especially helpful for those in the sciences where research projects are always being started or continued. College students can earn $10 an hour as research assistants.

Circulation Clerks


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Would you love to work at a library? If you do, you’ll love being a circulation clerk. It can pay around $19 an hour (it could be less or more depending on the college), but the job isn’t so difficult.

As a circulation clerk, you’re responsible for shelving, using and updating automated circulation system (good luck if your library’s ancient, though), checking books in and out, and answering the phone.

Not much action happens, but at least you get to see the kinds of books people check out.



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Who doesn’t want free drinks? As a bartender, you can get $10 – $23 an hour – or as much as $230 a night (if you’ve got a lot more experience or are working in a better bar).

You get to mix your drinks, listen to people’s tales of woe, and meet new people.

If you’re good with mixing cocktails, and know how to handle the customers, then being a bartender is the best job for you.

Bartending in a bar means most of your classes won’t be interrupted. You get to be surrounded by drinks and be sober.

You witness celebrations and could prevent a brawl. You can make your own drinks and give then cool names.

Also, you get to see other college students – and maybe even professors – getting drunk.

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