6 Private Colleges with the Largest Undergraduate Population

Undergraduate Students

Some students want to get into Ivy League colleges for the programs and the acclaim. Others want to try different schools that have the same high standards, but with a lower number of students.

However some of you might like to attend and study at reputable private school where there are other undergraduate students pursuing a degree similar to yours, like a Associate Arts or Bachelors degree.

But first, what is an undergraduate? (clarification)

StudyUSA clarifies perfectly the differences between undergraduates and graduates….see image below:

Undergraduate and Graduate programs infographic

There are many differences as you can see in the image above. However put simply undergraduate programs is the first step to getting your Associates or Bachelors degree and a graduate is the next step up in higher education with a Masters or Doctoral programs.

Here’s information on six private colleges that have a significant amount of registered undergraduate students.

Colleges with the Largest Undergraduate Population

Brigham Young University

Undergraduate Students

Brigham is located in Provo, Utah, and is affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was founded in 1875, and has an undergraduate population of 27,163. That’s a lot of students!

It’s No. 16 in Best Value Schools, and No. 66 among National Universities. It has a retention rate of 88% for its first year students, meaning many of them go on to continue their studies at the university.

Since it’s owned by a religious organization, BYU courses are taught with lessons from the Scriptures. Students from around the world are welcome to apply and study, though. The school reports 1,700 international students.

New York University

New York University undergraduates

NYU was built in 1831, and is one of the largest and most prominent private colleges in the country. It has programs taught by acclaimed scientists and writers, and is ranked No. 32 among National Universities, according to US News and World Report 2016.

The number of undergraduate students amounts to 24,985 (but the total number of enrollees is around 40,000 – that is large indeed).

NYU has three campuses – one in New York, one in Abu Dhabi, and another in Shanghai. The university has over 9,700 courses under 650 fields for the students to study, and the university offers study abroad programs in Berlin, Prague, Accra, Buenos Aires, and more.

University of Southern California

 Undergraduates University of Southern California

The USC’s main campus is at Los Angeles, and it has an undergraduate population of 18,740. What’s more, the university website claims that there are over 50,000 students at the school. If you’re an extrovert, then this private college is for you.

The USC has notable academic programs, and it even has a Selfie” class you can take if you want to know more about the selfie revolution.

The university ranks No. 23 among National Universities, and sports buffs will know that this school has produced successful winners of the Olympics. In the recent Rio Games, USC athletes won 21 medals, nine of which are gold. This is the third time that the school’s students have won medals at the Olympics.

Boston University

Boston University undergraduates

Although Boston University is not currently affiliated with a religious organization, it has a history with the United Methodist Church. It has 18,017 undergraduates, but has over 32,000 in total student population.

US News and World Report ranks the school No. 32 among colleges around the world, and No. 41 in National Universities.

If you’re curious about the BU graduates, then be comforted with the knowledge that three alumni had just recently won Pulitzer Prizes, one for an article on lethal shootings, and two for photojournalism.

The school has over 17 colleges, and more than 250 programs to choose from.

DePaul University

Undergraduates DePaul University

The DePaul University is named after the priest, St. Vincent de Paul from France. It was founded in 1898 by missionary Vincentian priests.

The school is the largest Catholic university in the country. Located in Chicago, Illinois, this school has around 15,961 undergraduate students, but is home to more than 23,000 students in total.

There are more than 300 college programs, even with only 10 schools. It has international students coming from more than 80 countries around the world. It’s also part of the NCAA Division competitions.

While it’s only No. 123 in National Universities, it’s No. 21 in Most Innovative School, and has been ranked No. 3 in Best College Cities in The Princeton Review’s The Best 379 Colleges in 2014,

No. 20 in the 2015 Diversity MBA Magazine’s Best Places for Women and Diverse Managers

No. 11 for its game design program, and No. 1 for its school paper.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University Undergraduates

This school in Boston, Massachusetts, aside from having quite a large student body, is also one of the country’s top colleges with a large number of students coming from other countries.

It was established in 1898, and has more than 13,000 undergraduate students, with around 20,000 students overall. Aside from its amazingly interactive and personalized admissions dashboard, the college allows students to come up with their own educational path, in which students get both real-world, working experience together with their college courses outside and inside the campus.

Northeastern is a pretty busy university, with its programs ranging from medical research to geospatial sciences.

It also offers over 60 online degree programs for students who find it difficult to attend face to face classes. Northeastern University isn’t new to long-distance learning, and offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s programs online.

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