15 Amazing College Campus Housing Units for Students


While many students live in their own houses or own apartments while away at college, it’s much more common for students to live in “on campus”, or “off-campus housings”.

These could be apartment or dorm style housing, but they all offer some amenities, facilities, study areas, and a chance to mingle and socialize with fellow students.

Most of the housing are tailored to fit the students’ needs and budgets. With financial aid available, many students are willing to live a little more comfortably while getting their college education.

Sometimes it’s more than just finishing a degree in two or four years.

While many students are fine with a bed and a bathroom, others are looking for a home away from home experience, so in the recent years, many colleges have been renovating and adding new residence halls.

There has also been an increase in recreational amenities like pools, games rooms, etc.

The best of the best can wow parents and invite students to their housings and to the college.

Universities are getting more creative, too. In France, Cité A Docks is a residence building made of shipping containers.


image source: inhabitat.com

While there aren’t residential halls in the country made out of plastic bottles or containers yet, the United States is home to some of the most beautiful and incredible housings for college students in the world.

Some of them are innovative and luxurious, while others are more simplistic, but are nevertheless beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Below is a list of the 15 coolest on campus and off campus college housing units for students.

University of Arizona – Tucson

College Housing Building: The Hub

Price: $1,490 – $5,405 – per unit, per month

Location: 1011 N Tyndall Ave, Tucson, Arizona

the-hub collegehousing

The Hub photo’s source: collegestudentapartments.com

The Hub is an off-campus college housing that offers the most beautiful and most luxurious residential rooms for students studying at the University of Arizona.

Each apartment has its own full-sized kitchen, washer and dryer, walk-in closet, bath, and private bedroom.

There are ceiling fans and balconies, too. Every unit is fully furnished and move-in ready.

Each resident has access to high speed internet connection.

Rent can be split among as many as 5 roommates ($565 per room). There’s a security deposit of $500, with the first month’s rent also paid upfront.

The Hub also has unbelievable amenities like a fitness center (open 24 hours), computer centers with iMacs, a hot tub room, swimming pools and tanning beds, and a game room.


Outdoor game room?

Did we mention there is a rooftop infinity pool at The Hub?


Infinity pool (disappearing edges)


University of North Florida

College Housing Building: Osprey Fountains

Price: $1,130 – $5,000 per semester

Location: Osprey Ridge Rd., Jacksonville, Florida

osprey-fountains student residence

Osprey Fountains lazy river pool- image source: unf.edu

Osprey Fountains was the university’s newest housing complex in 2009. It has five floors and can house up to 1,000 students. There are units for 1 – 6 people, each with their own bathroom and private bedrooms. Each unit is fully furnished, and has fast internet connection.

Among the amenities found in the Osprey Fountains are: game room, fitness center, and theme lounges like The Spotlight (faculty karaoke), The Upper-Deck (TVs for game watching & entertainment), The Morgue (library), The BLOC (casual study area), The Galaxy (for serious gamers).

Joe’s Diner (50s style eating area), pools- active and lazy river (awesome!), lighted tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, lighted outdoor running tracks and swings, picnic tables, and convenience stores.

Each floor also has its own laundry facility.

University of Texas at Austin

College Housing Building: Callaway House

Price: $5,990 – $8,740 per semester

Location: 505 W 22nd St., Austin, Texas

callaway campus housing

image source: callawayhouseaustin.com

The Callaway House is a private dorm building. A unit can house 1 – 4 students. Residents can also sign an individual lease, where they shoulder responsibility only for their monthly payments and other fees, without having to worry about their roommates’ payment plans.

Rent already includes a fully furnished unit, a meal plan, utilities, and amenities, such as: a fitness center, recreation/game center, theater room, pools, BBQ grills, and villas.

There are also laundry facilities, 24/7 help desk and support, bike storage, Wi-Fi hotspots, computer centers with Apple devices, study lounges, and 24/7 internet in all the units.

Since board and lodging are paid for by person, residents can either specify the kind of roommates they want or let the House pair them up (through the roommate matching).

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning because the House has its own cleaning crew!

University of Florida

College Housing Buildings: Ivy House and Windsor Hall

Housing Price: $529 – $859 per month

Location: 1005 SW 8th Ave. (Ivy House),

629 SW 9th St. (Windsor Hall), Gainesville, Florida

college housing windsor hall

photo source: designcurial.com

Rent is based on the size of each room. In Windsor Hall, each suite has its own kitchenette and bathroom.

There are two buildings in this Hall: one for female residents only, and one that’s co-educational.

There is a private pool and assigned parking area for each resident.

What’s more – Windsor Hall claims that its rooms are less expensive than the regular on-campus dorms at the University of Florida – no wonder students are scrambling to reserve a suite!

The rent already includes: bills, cable, furniture, internet, pest control, waste management, night manager service, and an emergency support that’s open every time all the time.

College Housing at Ivy house

image source: bisnow.com

Rooms in the Ivy House start from $620 to $765 every month. The building has a shared gourmet kitchen, living room, and bathroom, and feels more like a sorority house than an on-campus residence hall.

That can be attributed to the fact that Ivy House is exclusive to female UF students.

The House has private Jacuzzi tubs, parking areas, and a sundeck. Its large, shared living room also has a fireplace and a big screen TV.

Ivy House also takes its security extremely seriously, with a coded entry for residents. It has many services similar to Windsor Hall, plus a cleaning crew for common areas.

Another thing that makes these residence buildings appealing is that they are very close to the academic halls, so residents only need to walk a few steps to get to their classes. If you don’t like to wake up early, then you better reserve a room now.

University of Houston

College Housing Building: Calhoun Lofts

Price: $4,270 – $6,057 per semester

Location: 4700 Calhoun Rd., Houston, Texas

Campus Hosuing Calhoun Lofts

image source: kirksey.com

Calhoun Lofts is only offered to 3rd year students (or those who are at least 21 years old).

It offers study areas, a theater room, fitness center, laundry facilities, Cougar Xpress market, a restaurant, private courtyard, Wi-Fi, pool tables, roof terraces and lounges, computer center, and a large kitchen.

The cheaper rooms are unfurnished, but each person’s rent already includes electric bills, internet, and TV service.

Each suite also has its own refrigerator, stove, microwave, and kitchenette. Only the bigger rooms have a dishwasher, though.

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

College Housing Building: The Met Lofts

Price: $1,000 and above per month

Location: 950 South Flower St., Los Angeles, California

Met Lofts Student Housing

The Met is one of the most luxurious, modern, and stylish apartments in the city.

Each apartment already has furniture, central heat and air conditioning, internet, large windows and sliding doors (which gives off the high-rise, Hollywood ambience), and a private balcony.

It’s also a pet-friendly apartment building, with pet centers and events for feline friends.

The resident buildings can enjoy facilities and services like a 24-hour door attendant, key-card access, heated pool with sundeck, spa, fitness center, a lobby that offers morning coffee, pool tables, design rooms (for the students, of course), mail room, laundry facilities, and 24/7 emergency support.

Aside from these amenities, The Met is an appealing place to live in because it’s surrounded by a vibrant night life and various entertainment centers!

University of Cincinnati

College Housing Building: Morgens Hall

Price: $3,137 – $4,259 per semester

Location: 2931 Scioto Ln., Cincinnati, Ohio

Morgens Hall Campus Housing Unit

photo source: magazine.uc.edu

This renovated building is now one of the best and most luxurious apartment-style buildings in Cincinnati. It used to be one of UC’s residence dorm halls. Now, it resembles a high-rise building for young professionals.

The Morgens Hall can house 456 students in total. There are studios for 2 to 8 people. Each unit has its own refrigerator, kitchen, microwave/oven, and ceramic-tile bathrooms. Each hall, meanwhile, has a laundry facility and a study lounge. The floor plans are varied, but all are spacious.

Each apartment is beautiful, since they all have floor to ceiling windows that show a great view. Also, no resident has to face the problem of freezing to death or dying by heatstroke.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

College Housing Building: Simmons Hall

Price: $4,050 – $5,120 per semester

Location: 229 Vassar St., Cambridge, Massachusetts

Campus Housing Simmons Hall

image source: floornature.com

Simmons Hall offers fully furnished living quarters for 340 two-legged residents (pets aren’t allowed, except for fish).

Simmons Hall is managed by its own student government or initiative. And because it’s a dorm building, Simmons Hall has advisors, but instead of an RA, there are GRTs. They are Graduate Resident Tutors who facilitate community living, and help the students.

The dorm doesn’t look like the traditional college dorm building. It looks like an artistic apartment complex, with large windows (it’s been called “The Sponge” for its appearance), a two-story movie theater, lounges for different purposes, and even a ball pit – for those wanting to de-stress and act like children.

ball pit Simmons Hall

Image source: simmons.mit.edu

There are labs for sessions and workshops, and the Hall has a friendly community that constantly organizes different events, and residents reportedly take advantage of the free smoothies from the Headmaster’s apartment.

Florida Coast University

College Housing Building: North Lake Village

Price: $2,410 – $3,398

Location: 10501 FGCU Blvd. South, Ft. Mayers, Florida

College Housing North Lake Village

image source: uhsi.com

North Lake Village housing is, unsurprisingly, located beside a lake. It has apartment-style residences, with the students staying in quarters that can house 4 people.

Each apartment is fully furnished, has a kitchen, living room, and 2 private bathrooms. There are also a refrigerator, icemaker, microwave, and a dishwasher.

North Lake Village, instead of feeling like a dorm or high-rise urban building, makes residents feel like they’re constantly on vacation, with the lake view giving off a resort feel.

Aside from the lake, students can make use of a swimming pool, picnic area, grills, tennis court, community center, computer center, laundry facilities, fitness and aquatic center, and a shuttle to take students to classes.

Yale University

College Housing Building: Durfee Hall

Price: $14,000 per year

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Yale Durfee Hall Student Residents

photo source: Wikipedia.org

You might not have known this, but the Gilmore Girls series was filmed in this residence hall located at the Old Campus of Yale University.

It’s the second oldest hall of the university, and is only for freshmen students taking programs from Yale’s Morse College.

As an Ivy League school, it’s not surprising that the annual residence fee is a bit high.

Durfee Hall can house 92 students. Each room contains furniture: dresser, bed, walk-in closet, and desk and chair. It might sound a bit bare, but each room is only for one person – so anyone who wants their privacy has absolutely no problem!

Each floor has a computer lab, but each room already has high-speed internet connection anyway. The single rooms all connect to central common room.

The Hall also has a game room, TV lounge, and kitchen area. In the basement, residents can use the laundry facility and storage area for bikes, and a very large study room.

The Hall is consistently praised for its Victorian Gothic style architecture, and is one of the most beautiful halls among old colleges, having been built in 1871.

University of Chicago

College Housing Building: Max Palevsky Residential Commons

Price: $8,550 per semester

Location: 1101 E. 56th St., Chicago, Illinois

student housing Max Palevsky

photo source: architecture.uchicago.edu

The Max Palevsky Residential Commons has 8 houses: Hoover, May, Alper, Flint, Graham, Woodward, Wallace, and Rickert.

Freshmen students are assigned to two-person rooms, each with a bathroom. Upperclassmen can avail a single suite.

All the houses share three buildings, and the students are spread across the floors and quarters.

The building has a recreation room with a large screen TV, a shared lounge area, music practice rooms, and a computer center. Each house has its own study area.

There are currently 715 students living in the Commons.

Pomona College

College Housing Building: Sontag and Dialynas Halls

Price: $4,275 per semester

Location: Amherst, Claremont, California

Steven Ehrlich Architects College Student Housing

Image source from: jmcontractors.com

The Sontag and Dialynas Halls are the two newest buildings in the college. These North Campus Residence Halls have more than 30 suites, with 153 single rooms.

The suites can house 3 – 6 people. These two are known for being eco-friendly. They were built to the highest building standards. Each building uses solar energy to power water and electricity.

The first floor of the Dialynas Hall has a drop-down movie screen. Each room has an air conditioning unit that immediately switches off when a window is opened. (very techy!)

Sontag Hall offers a large communal kitchen, rooftop garden, and solar water heating.

Pomona College isn’t cheap (cost of attendance can be around $45,832), but its rent is affordable.

University of Virginia

College Housing Building: The Lawn

Price: $6,040 – $6,390 per year

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

College Campus Housing at The Lawn

image source: huffingtonpost.com

The Lawn is part of the Academic Villa founded by Thomas Jefferson.

Together with the university, the Lawn is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Lawn can only house 54 students, and each room is furnished with a bed, desk, built-in closet, built-in sink closet, and a rocking chair in case you feel the need to reenact your dear grandfather’s drunken ramblings (but seriously, they have rocking chairs).

The only ones allowed to live on the Lawn are students in their last year of their bachelor’s degree programs.

For a small price, a resident can get internet hooked up. The Lawn doesn’t have air conditioning, a kitchen, or other amenities, though.

So what makes this place so desirable to many students? Aside from its historical connection, the Lawn is at the center of the university and is, therefore, surrounded by other structures.

Surrounding it are the Rotunda, Pavilions, and ten gardens (all designed differently).

Application for residing on the Lawn is very competitive and prestigious (to be chosen is one of the highest honors in the UVA).

Every December, small warm lights are draped around the Lawn. It is one of the best sights in the college, when they are turned on every night amid the cold and snow.

Boston University

College Housing Building: Student Village

Price: $12,070 – $16,140 per year

Location: 10 Buick St., and 33 Harry Agganis Way, Boston, Massachusetts

Stuvi 2 Campus Housing

Stuvi 2 Campus Housing-image source: bu.edu

Part of the Student Village are the 10 Buick (StuVi1) and 33 Harry Agganis Way (StuVi2).

The StuVi2 is a tall and beautiful structure, with over 26 stories!

Some rooms in the StuVi2 are dormitory style and have no kitchens, so students living there are require to have a meal plan. The rest are in a suite-style, so there could be four bedrooms sharing one living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

College Campus Housing Stuv-1

College Campus Housing Stuv-1-image courtesy: bu.edu

StuVi1 has single-occupancy bedrooms, with apartments housing 2 to 4 people.

The rent payment depends on the apartment being occupied, so two occupants in one apartment pay slightly more than four people.

All apartments have a telephone line, a large kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, and garbage disposal, and internet connection.

The building is also wheelchair accessible. The building has laundry facilities, computer center, recreation room, study rooms, music practice rooms, lounges, and vending machines.

There is also a Buick Street Market & Café that serves as a café and convenience store on the ground floor.

Washington University

College Housing Building: South 40

Price: $15,280 per year

Location: 1 Brookings Dr., St. Louis, Missouri

College Housing at South 40

photo courtesy: rossbar.com

The South Forty has 23 residence halls and over 3,200 residents!

The halls here and the setting of the entire location will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a small European village (only with large residential buildings).

Rooms here have Tempurpedic beds, a fitness center and dance studio, rooftop garden, a bakery, and kosher kitchen.

Their residential halls also have their own shared computer centers, study areas, music rooms, laundry facilities, and common areas. Each room also has its own bathroom.

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