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What Colleges Produced Most NFL Players?


Sports is a great part of education. Many students who seek college education attain scholarships through athletic programs. In fact, that’s how many of the great NBA players have been able to study in college, leading to their getting drafted into the NBA. Many NFL players have gone to prestigious colleges before getting into the NFL […]

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What Colleges Did These Top NBA Players Go to?


Basketball is one of the most thoroughly enjoyed games in the entire world, from the United States to the Philippines. Some of the most famous personalities were basketball players: Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and more. Although you don’t have to be a college graduate to join the National Basketball Association, you do need […]

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8 Facinating Facts About College Cheerleading


Maybe you’ve been a cheerleading member in your younger years, or maybe you just saw the slew of “Bring It On” movies one after another (or perhaps the hilarious “Fired Up”). Either way, there’s nothing quite like cheerleading squads to inspire and bolster the team spirit, especially during the national competitions. Here are some interesting […]

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Top 7 Colleges for Cheerleading

college cheerleading

Nothing beats college experience better than school spirit. The most popular cheerleading film, “Bring It On” has spawned several sequels, four of which focus around high school cheerleading. But what about college cheerleading? Although it’s not covered by the media as much, it’s just as exciting as high school! Very successful high school cheerleaders can […]

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7 Weirdest College Team Mascots

So you’ve seen some weird team mascots representing Colleges? There’s a good chance you’ve never seen or heard of some of these strange Mascots. (some are gross & embarrassing) Many successful people including sports stars and celebrities owe their success and memorable experiences to the colleges they attended. Higher education doesn’t have to boring and […]

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7 NFL Players Who Went to Ivy League Colleges


You’ve read about the celebrity nerds who graduated from college, but let’s not forget about awe-inspiring athletes who have performed feats of glory that wowed the entire country. Here are seven athletes from the National Football League (NFL) who studied at the some of the most prestigious colleges in the Ivy League. 7 Ivy League […]

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Top 5 Sports Movies Filmed at Colleges

With all the excitement of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics still rolling, let’s recall the best sports films we’ve seen. Get ready to curl up with a bowl of popcorn on the couch for these movies that were set and filmed at several colleges in the country. Top 5 Sports Movies Filmed at Colleges Breaking […]

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Youngest Student-Athletes Competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA) has 1,121 colleges under its wing, and from those colleges and universities, there are over 460,000 student-athletes competing in different sports events every year, and the biggest one right now happens to be the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games. Team USA has around 34 colleges and universities sending out […]

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