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LearnSmart Offers New Online Course IT Security & White Hat Hacking


Established in 1997, LearnSmart has lived up to its vision of providing the society with high-quality training and technology education. Through the years, it has grown to serving a wide range of organizations, institutions, universities, government establishments and companies. Recently, it has announced its online course offering a 50-hour training with a year’s duration, named […]

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New Bowhunter Online Education Course (2016)


There is a wide range of courses to take up online such as in writing, shark biodiversity, safety training, or classical music; but recently, the Bowhunter Education announces its offering of a certification course through the Hawaii Hunter Education Program. This online course is also in collaboration with the Department of Land and Natural Resources […]

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Pearson Focus Online Teaching Courses


Pearson, one of the largest education companies, which provides a wide range of education services to institutions, governments, organizations and direct individual learners have sought to restore confidence among education businesses after news has come out on the profitability issues. This issue has risen when online teaching courses are gradually slowing down in other areas […]

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UCF launching Online Master‘s Degree Program


Online courses are becoming the most sensational education today. In fact, many scholars are enjoying its phenomenal existence and the laid-back access it offers. Along with this breakthrough, the University of Central Florida (UCF) is just so happy to announce that the respective school will be offering a fully online Master’s degree program under the […]

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Make Online Courses in Your Resume Shine


Are you in the process of refurbishing your resume and you’re contemplating on whether you should include your online courses or not? Quick answer: go ahead! “From my perspective as a hiring manager, when I review resumes and someone has listed additional professional development, it always stands out to me.” Says JC Meloni a hiring […]

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Weird Online School Courses


Everyone wants to sit in a class that peaks their interest. However, circumstance and reality just won’t allow that to happen. So most of the time, people end up settling. This results in a lot of dropouts or graduates who will only get a college diploma after their kids do! This challenge in attaining an […]

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Online Course for Veterans


Landing a spot in the corporate world is already hard enough for someone who’s used to facing computers, doing paperwork, and all that enchilada. So imagine how the difficulty level exponentially increases for someone whose office has been the battlefield since time immemorial! If you’re one of the latter, don’t lose hope. Thanks to modern […]

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