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Did Pokemon Go Creators Go to College?


The Pokémon Go craze has hit the country, and everyone is suddenly afflicted with the video game nostalgia. There is a lot of hype about the game. How about the creators of Pokemon Go? Here are some college facts you might not know about world famous game creators! The man who revolutionized RPG games, Hanke […]

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850 Students Receive Study Abroad Scholarship


According to NAFSA: Association of International Educators, the number of students going abroad to study for credit increases every year. From 289,408 in 2013 to 304,467 in the next academic year, there is a rise in students spending a year months to a year in another country as part of their college program. For many, […]

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Michelle Obama Leads on Global Women’s Education


The U.S. first lady, known as one of today’s icon of women empowerment, takes on an initiative to further the campaign on women’s education by visiting Spain and Africa this week. Michelle Obama urges young women to join her global girls’ education program in order to gradually eliminate illiteracy, abuse, and terrorism. “Girls should be […]

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BREXIT Effect on Education Top Concern


Britain serves as the home of many prestigious universities. And with the Education sector as one of the core of Britain’s policy areas, the previously decided Brexit (British Exit in European Union) has prompted concern among this sector’s affected members. National Union of Students President Megan Dunn in a previous letter wrote to ex-UK Prime […]

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3 Education Trends that Address Inequality


Various problems in America trace an ineffective and outdated education system which has failed students. With the strong link existing between inequality and education, and thus if the education system won’t be sorted out, the goal of solving the problem of inequality won’t be achievable just yet. Research has proved that current education system does […]

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Department of Education Addresses Religion Discrimination in Schools and Universities


Religious belief should never be a justification for not allowing a person to achieve learning and success in school. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights engaged in a community forum in Palo Alto, California which covered the topic of religious discrimination in schools and universities. This roundtable discussion was initiated by an […]

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