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10 Famous College Professor Celebrities


It’s not much of a stretch to imagine writers as college professors. But did you know that some celebrities, musicians, actors, and talk show hosts, have college teaching credentials? There are many factors that can make or break a college education and experience. Some say that having an active Greek life will make your experience […]

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10 Best Apps for College Students (Review)


New apps are being developed every day, and it seems like every question already has an answer. As a college student, you have the world at your fingertips. There are so many tools around you that you can use to help your education better, and to make your life easier. You should embrace the opportunities […]

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10 Craziest College Scholarships


Since college tuition isn’t getting any cheaper, many students are looking for better alternatives. Of course, there are college grants that can alleviate financial burden and online schools that are cheaper, easier and more flexible for distance learning. There are also inexpensive schools that are better options for those who don’t have the money, but […]

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5 Highest Paying College Degrees

Let’s admit it – many of us go to college so that we could inevitably get a high-paying job after graduation. Sometimes, we go through all the trouble of taking out student loans, applying for federal college grants, looking for scholarship opportunities, and sifting through other more inexpensive alternatives just so that we can get […]

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Donald Trump’s Complete Education Background Revealed


Even before he ran for president, Donald Trump has graced TV screens, tabloids, newspapers, and magazines due to his luxury businesses and scandals. Trump has always managed to grab the media’s attention after many of his business investments failed. Still, Trump moved forward and found other businesses to invest. He went into commercial real estate, where he […]

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What Colleges Have Produced the Most Millionaires?


We’ve heard about the millionaires who were college drop-outs, but what about the millionaires who got college degrees? Not so surprising or intriguing, but it’s definitely interesting to see which colleges in the world have taught and produced national and global millionaires. According to US News and World Report 2016, based on a survey done […]

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7 Great Reasons to Join the Greek Life


There are two main things that fraternities and sororities are infamous for: parties and hazing. In every college film that you watch, you’ll see pledges doing the craziest things. And in real life, you’ll hear about frats getting banned because of scandalous things, and sororities getting sued for controversial hazings. It’s almost as if the […]

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