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Top 12 Party Colleges


No other student’s party like a college student. We’ve presented you with the top biggest parties by college students in the country, and now you’ll get to see which colleges are the top partiers. According to Classes and Careers, college students attend 62 parties a year (and 88,750 get arrested during Spring Break – it doesn’t […]

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10 Best College Traditions for Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner, and I’m sure you’re thinking about the best costume to dress in for that big Halloween party at your friend’s house. Or maybe you’re trying to organize a party yourself. Well, if you want ideas, you better learn from these colleges that celebrate Halloween in the most imaginative ways […]

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Celebrity Fraternity Club Brothers


Fraternities have a reputation of being pretty crazy, with grand and dangerous alcohol-infused (and sometimes drug-infused) parties. So can you imagine a famous actor or political figure partying it out bare-chested or even worse, participating in rush week and making new pledges cry? Can you even imagine the actor playing genius and social pariah Sheldon […]

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Top 5 Colleges That Produced the Most World Leaders


It’s always important to know the educational backgrounds of political candidates. Some of the older United States presidents didn’t even have a college degree, but they proved their mettle in war, reading law, and politics. And now with the upcoming election day, we need to be more discerning about the kind of students Hillary Clinton […]

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9 Best College Campus Horror Movies


Without a doubt Halloween is the best time of year to watch college horror movies! You can dress like Deadpool, a Playboy Bunny, Freddy Kreuger, or Edward Cullen and be the life of the party. What better way to spend the night of horror and gore than to grab a bowl of popcorn and settle […]

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Top 5 Most Expensive Public Colleges


You’ve read about the most expensive private colleges in the country, and you probably weren’t as surprised as you thought you would be. They were private colleges after all, right? But did you also know that there are public colleges with just as expensive tuitions and cost of attendance? There are many reasons for a […]

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5 Best College Towns


College tuition fees might not be able to detract a student’s desire to study at a specific college, with the availability of student loans and financial aid. However all bets are off if the town or city where your college is located is downright scary, restrictive, or boring! One of the reasons kids go away […]

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5 Tuition-Free Colleges

Who says that quality always has to be expensive? You don’t have to study at the most expensive schools in the country to earn a good education, as community college alumni can confirm. Technical courses under STEM can be earned at a community college, but if you really want a four-year education, you can always […]

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5 Best Colleges Around the World for Art and Design

Have you seen the latest episode of Say Yes to the Dress?  Better yet, how about Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model? Even if you haven’t, you still know these shows are about fashion, and that they rake in millions of viewers every episode. Each episode, these shows display branded clothes and shoes by famous […]

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