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What Colleges Have Produced the Most Millionaires?


We’ve heard about the millionaires who were college drop-outs, but what about the millionaires who got college degrees? Not so surprising or intriguing, but it’s definitely interesting to see which colleges in the world have taught and produced national and global millionaires. According to US News and World Report 2016, based on a survey done […]

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What colleges Have the Most students?


The more, the merrier! That’s often true when it comes to wild celebrations and festivals, but it might depend when it comes to the college experience. Having a lot of students at a college can be ideal, especially if you’re an extrovert and love to meet new people and make new friends. Plus, it’s a […]

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What Top 10 Colleges Allow Pets in Dorms?

college pets

There are many things a student thinks about in college: budgeting daily finances, student loans, courses to take, exams, and projects. College students, if they’re part of a club or sorority, have a lot on their plate. It can be a stressful life or maybe they can get a little homesick too. It can sometimes […]

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Top 5 Study Abroad Programs for College Students


Many students travel the world to get a college degree. Some of them are able to study in the United States by getting a scholarship. Others pay their own way to study in quality colleges with a diverse student population. Nina Truong, an Emory University student wrote a Huffington Post article on the reasons college […]

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15 Amazing College Campus Housing Units for Students


While many students live in their own houses or own apartments while away at college, it’s much more common for students to live in “on campus”, or “off-campus housings”. These could be apartment or dorm style housing, but they all offer some amenities, facilities, study areas, and a chance to mingle and socialize with fellow […]

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Top 5 Biggest College Parties


If you didn’t party during college, then you missed out big time! One of the perks of studying in a college and living in a dorm is being independent and doing crazy things that will make your grandmother whip out her rosary. It’s not even about getting wasted, but meeting new people, learning your liquor […]

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8 Reasons to Study at a Community College


While most students fix their eyes on a traditional four-year college experience, many more are choosing to study at a community college. What is a community college in the first place? How does it differ from other tertiary or higher education institutions? According to the Department of Homeland Security, a community college (which is sometimes […]

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7 Great Reasons to Join the Greek Life


There are two main things that fraternities and sororities are infamous for: parties and hazing. In every college film that you watch, you’ll see pledges doing the craziest things. And in real life, you’ll hear about frats getting banned because of scandalous things, and sororities getting sued for controversial hazings. It’s almost as if the […]

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