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5 Highest Paying College Degrees

Let’s admit it – many of us go to college so that we could inevitably get a high-paying job after graduation. Sometimes, we go through all the trouble of taking out student loans, applying for federal college grants, looking for scholarship opportunities, and sifting through other more inexpensive alternatives just so that we can get […]

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Donald Trump’s Complete Education Background Revealed


Even before he ran for president, Donald Trump has graced TV screens, tabloids, newspapers, and magazines due to his luxury businesses and scandals. Trump has always managed to grab the media’s attention after many of his business investments failed. Still, Trump moved forward and found other businesses to invest. He went into commercial real estate, where he […]

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Top 5 Most Expensive Public Colleges


You’ve read about the most expensive private colleges in the country, and you probably weren’t as surprised as you thought you would be. They were private colleges after all, right? But did you also know that there are public colleges with just as expensive tuitions and cost of attendance? There are many reasons for a […]

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What Colleges Produced Most NFL Players?


Sports is a great part of education. Many students who seek college education attain scholarships through athletic programs. In fact, that’s how many of the great NBA players have been able to study in college, leading to their getting drafted into the NBA. Many NFL players have gone to prestigious colleges before getting into the NFL […]

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5 Best College Towns


College tuition fees might not be able to detract a student’s desire to study at a specific college, with the availability of student loans and financial aid. However all bets are off if the town or city where your college is located is downright scary, restrictive, or boring! One of the reasons kids go away […]

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5 Tuition-Free Colleges

Who says that quality always has to be expensive? You don’t have to study at the most expensive schools in the country to earn a good education, as community college alumni can confirm. Technical courses under STEM can be earned at a community college, but if you really want a four-year education, you can always […]

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5 Best Colleges Around the World for Art and Design

Have you seen the latest episode of Say Yes to the Dress?  Better yet, how about Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model? Even if you haven’t, you still know these shows are about fashion, and that they rake in millions of viewers every episode. Each episode, these shows display branded clothes and shoes by famous […]

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What Colleges Did These Top NBA Players Go to?


Basketball is one of the most thoroughly enjoyed games in the entire world, from the United States to the Philippines. Some of the most famous personalities were basketball players: Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and more. Although you don’t have to be a college graduate to join the National Basketball Association, you do need […]

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